Andrew Mercado

Andrew Mercado


Andrew started his career working in the field of Search Engine Optimization in 2017. With the success of helping his clients reach the top of Google. He decided to continue on his path and diversify into the world of digital marketing thus IHero Digital was born. Andrew has dedicated himself into helping companies with their development, insuring that they receive the opportunity to grow in many areas; by providing services such as SEO, PPC, SMM, and more!

All About IHero Digital

IHero Digital is a New York City-based agency, however, we are not limited to only New York. We operate all over the United States, and on rare occasions outside the U.S. IHero was formed for businesses that do not have any knowledge on the advantages of using the internet, and for those who are aware that we live in a digital age but still find themselves in a struggle to expand and touch base with their consumers. We make it our focus to bring their brand and yours the recognition it deserves.

We started as an SEO Company and have had much success in implementing our techniques to work with Googles’ algorithm. Our performances gave our clients the results they needed to gain back on their return on investment. Even though SEO is a vital essential in the digital marketing world, it’s not the only way of gaining exposure, traffic, leads, and sales. Our team of experts has allowed us to expand as an agency and as a company. As a result, we’ve been more than fortunate to bring more to our clients.